Our technology
Internal areas of development

Conventional system


Toughness and quality


The elements of the system are connected to a control panel through different lines or zones. Each one of them has a limited number of elements connected, which is 32. In case of alarm, the system will show in which line this has been started in but not in which device (of the maximum of 32 connected to that zone).


Toxic gas detection


Detection through electrochemical probe


Detection System uses highly accurate and reliable electrochemical sensing cells to provide total control of ventilation systems in car parks and garages. It incorporates the latest technology to get the highest efficiency and energy savings.


Analogue addressable system


Larger capacity for control and supervision


In an addressable system, detection and warning devices are connected to the control panel through various lines or loops. A maximum of 120 devices might be connected to each of these lines.


Sense of technology

We are experts in technology. And this is thanks to our experience. What we know and do is the fruit of more than 40 years of work, all for one same goal: to search for the excellence in our products that guarantees the trust of our customers.


NormaGrup combines company diversity in our production with the goal of offering our clients even more expert solutions to their specific needs. There are four divisions within its structure:


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