Conventional system

Toughness and quality


The elements of the system are connected to a control panel through different lines or zones. Each one of them has a limited number of elements connected, which is 32. In case of alarm, the system will show in which line this has been started in but not in which device (of the maximum of 32 connected to that zone).

Among its main advantages:

  • Simplicity of installation and start-up

  • Possibility of creation of a “multi-trademark” system (detectors and control panels from different manufacturers).

This system has been thought to be installed in:

  • Small and medium-sized sites.

  • Clear sites, such as garages or industrial units.


  • The number of zones will depend on the fire control panel used.

  • A red-black 1 mm2 twisted pair of wire must be used.

  • Polarity must be kept.

  • At the end of the line, there must be placed an end of line resistance.

  • Maximum wire distance will be 1,000 m.



Conventional control panels

Fire Extinguishing
control panels

Conventional detectors

Reflective beam
smoke detectors

Special detectors

Manual call points

call points

Conventional sounders

Remote indicator

Visual signaling devices

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