Analogue addressable system

Larger capacity for control and supervision

Easy and quick installation and programming


In an addressable system, detection and warning devices are connected to the control panel through various lines or loops. A maximum of 120 devices might be connected to each of these lines.

Main difference with conventional system is that it is possible to know in which specific device an alarm has been detected.

Furthermore, it is possible to integrate control of other important devices –air-conditioning systems, fire doors– into the detection and alarm system.

Buildings in which addressable detection and alarm systems are recommended:

  • Administrative buildings

  • Airports

  • Large commercial stores

  • Hotels

  • Public buildings

  • Hospitals

  • Very compartmentalised buildings

  • Universities

  • Etc.


  • The number of loops will be dependant on the fire central used

  • Use shielded twisted pair, black and red, 1.5 mm2

  • Polarity to be observed

  • There are input/output modules available, for other elements (fire doors, air-conditioning systems,...) integration



Analogue addressable system

Addressable fire detectors

Manual call point with isolator

Loop powered
sounders with isolator

Addressable interface
with isolator

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